Winter Storms, De-icing Chemicals Make Frequent Washings Necessary

//Winter Storms, De-icing Chemicals Make Frequent Washings Necessary

Winter Storms, De-icing Chemicals Make Frequent Washings Necessary

De-icing chemicals damage cars finish, promote corrosion

news-page-image-linkWhen major winter storms hit our area, road officials treat hundreds of miles of roadway with sand and de-icing chemicals and Breeze Thru Car Wash Operations Manager, Justin Salisbury is urging people to pay a visit to a car wash after the storm hits.

“Deicing chemicals and sand are hard on a car’s finish and if you leave them on, you will damage your finish and expose your car to risk of corrosion,” Salisbury said. “Considering how little a car wash costs, it’s worth it to get that stuff off.”

Salisbury admits he has a vested interest in getting people to wash their cars, but said people should go to any car wash – even a competitor – as long as they clean the deicing chemicals and road grime from their cars. Even without de-icing chemicals, sand and dust will scratch and abrade wax and paint. The abrasion not only dulls the appearance, it provides more opportunities for de-icing chemicals to do additional damage.

There’s evidence that de-icing chemicals are as bad as salt; Colorado Info and Wyoming Info.

Driveway washing is an option, but it’s not too fun in the winter and commercial washes offer other advantages because they’re environmentally friendly, Salisbury said. Washing at home uses much more water per car and sends untreated chemical runoff and sediment into lawns and storm drains.


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