Winter Car Care

//Winter Car Care

Winter Car Care


Winter Car Care – Dr. Oxidation R.D.

Dear Reader,

Rustologist-Prescription-Jan-16Are you the proud owner of a 4-wheel, motorized, combustible engine (possibly electric) powered vehicle? Do you rely on that expensive investment to assure your arrival on-time to work, school, getting to the gym, and various other functions? I have some simple tips to help you preserve the value of your Road Warrior and prevent unnecessary carnage from the evil disease; Rustolious Incumbenitis (i.e. Rust Decomposition).

The winter time can take a toll on your transportation. When road conditions become unfavorable, often times the Dept. of Transportation will lay down magnesium chloride, sand, salt, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and mixtures therein to promote safety on the roads.

Though helpful for safety, it can be like using an exfoliator on your car’s exterior and dipping it in rusting agent! Every metallic component that becomes exposed to these conditions is at risk for serious concern of Rustolious Incumbenitis. ALAS, a counter-measure!

Visit a Breeze Thru Car Wash

  • Select the Royal Express Wash
    • Stronger chemical application to remove road films/de-icing agents and anti-icing agents
    • High pressure rinse
    • Additional friction applied
  • Return frequently or as needed based on dirty car comments from snooty friends and relatives

All the best in your vehicle’s care!


Dr. Oxidation R.D.

Rustology Clinic of the Rockies


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