We’ve compiled frequently asked questions in the table below including clearance of each of our car wash locations, how to change or cancel your unlimited wash pass and more.

What is the clearance at the car wash?

South College
Longmont Ken Pratt
Express/ Johnstown
Fort Collins (Mulberry)
Longmont - Main St.
Greeley & West Greeley
South Cheyenne
East Loveland
North Loveland
West Loveland

How Do I Upgrade My Status?

Current Unlimited Wash Pass Members can manage their wash pass online here to upgrade their status to any one of our wash passes for extra perks at all of our locations.
Not an Unlimited Wash Pass Member yet? Upgrade your status and sign up for an Unlimited Wash Pass online here!

How do I become a Founding Member of a New Breeze Thru Location?

Become a Founding Member of our Windsor location for a limited time as a Premium Shine Wash Pass Member for $10 Off FOR LIFE for washes and perks at all Breeze Thru locations. Upgrade Your Status and become a part of the Breeze Thru family like never before as a founding member of our new Windsor location here!

Are Free Shams and Air Fresheners Offered at all locations for everyone?

No. This is one of our members-only, Unlimited Wash Pass Member perks. Sign up online today!

How do I purchase an unlimited wash pass?

Purchase your Unlimited Wash Pass online here or visit a Breeze Thru location near you to learn how you can sign up.

How do I change my unlimited wash pass?

You can modify your pass online here.

How do I cancel my unlimited wash pass?

You can cancel your pass online here.

Where can I use my wash pass?

You can use your wash pass at any of our locations. We are in Longmont, Loveland, Johnstown, Greeley, Fort Collins and Cheyenne.

How many times a day can I go through?

The pass is unlimited, so as many times as you like.

Can I use my unlimited wash pass on more than one car?

No, it is one membership per vehicle.

When is my automatic withdrawal for my wash pass billed out?

It is billed out on your anniversary date (the same day of month as you sign up). The anniversary date could change if your credit card starts to decline payment. If the card declines, we will continue to bill the account daily until payment is received.

How can I get monthly receipts for my Unlimited Wash Pass?

You will need to request to get automatic receipts at the point of activation. Our employee will mark you down to automatically receive once they activate the account.

What if I get a new vehicle or get my windshield replaced?

We will activate/install a new tag for you under your existing account. The only information we will need to change (in the system) is your license plate number and windshield sticker number.

Do we offer a family plan?

No, because the prices are discounted to the point that purchasing multiple passes cost less than most car wash family plans. Shop around if you do not believe us!

Can I use a gift card or cash to pay for Unlimited Washes?

No, the only method to purchase the Unlimited Wash Pass is by automatic withdrawals on a credit card, or you can purchase an annual pass. Ask an attendant on site for details regarding an annual wash pass.

Can I take my dualie through the wash?

No dualies cannot go through the wash for clearance purposes.

 Do you offer any additional value with the Unlimited Wash Pass?

  • Free air freshener and dash wipe on every visit. You will need to ask an attendant for these items
  • Multiple convenient locations to use your pass at. Click here for our locations
  • You get discounts towards the express interior cleaning if you visit either one of our flex locations: East Greeley and Longmont on Ken Pratt only
  • Free Vacuums
  • Mat Cleaner: East Loveland and Windsor only
  • Free Shams: Express Exterior locations only
  • Drying brush: Fort Collins Mulberry location for the Bubble Bath Wash