At Breeze Thru We Care About The Community

We believe that for a community to continue to thrive it requires the efforts of all its members. As such, we welcome the opportunity to serve our local neighbors.

Fundraising & Donating

Raise money for your organization with our fundraising program! Instead of hosting a wasteful and polluting parking lot car wash, we provide discounted professional car washes and donate a $1 per car during the hours of the fundraiser or $400 depending on which is greater. Most importantly, your organization does not have to wash any vehicles!

Make sure to view our Agreement and watch this video before filling out the form below. 

All Donation Requests Must Be Made In Person With The Location Manager.

Fundraising Request Form

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2022 Fundraisers! Applications for this year have been closed. Check back next year for 2023 applications!