Breeze Thru Car Wash Employee Appreciation Dinner – An Outside Perspective

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Quick Introduction

Hi! My name is Natalie. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist at Old Town Media – a marketing agency based out of Fort Collins, CO. Now, you might be wondering, why is someone who is not an employee of Breeze Thru Car Wash writing about their Employee Appreciation Dinner? The answer is simple. There’s more than meets the eye with Breeze Thru Car Wash.

While most organizations keep their internal relationships and events tightly bound to those they employ, Breeze Thru does not. Not only are the people they employ a vital and valued piece of their business, but so too are the people that they work closely with to execute their day-to-day.

Old Town Media has been working as a marketing partner with Breeze Thru Car Wash for a little over a year. In that time, we have come to know Breeze Thru for who they really are – a family. A family that works together, appreciates each member and supports one another.

Let’s Dive In

On January 2, 2020, I was given the opportunity to represent Old Town Media at the Breeze Thru Car Wash Employee Appreciation Dinner. This event is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my career. For one night only, the entire Breeze Thru Car Wash team comes together to celebrate their year, each employee, and even some special guests, like myself.

As employees trickled in, Janiece (a third of the whole that began Breeze Thru Car Wash years ago) and Big Rob (yes, from the radio!) raffled off gifts for their employees. The fun kicked off with a special announcement of the recent Site Assessment Winners. The winning location gets bragging rights and a pretty awesome wrestling belt to showcase at their location! Then the event moved on to a video slideshow of behind-the-scenes pictures and “blooper” videos. (Follow @breeze_thru_car_wash on Instagram for your chance to see those videos)

Appreciation and Recognition

From there, the leadership team began to make their individual speeches to appreciate their members and give a little bit of insight into the success of their company. A team member of each location was then awarded the honor of Employee of Excellence. The Employee of Excellence is a peer-nominated award that is given to a team member who exemplifies outstanding character performed within the Breeze Thru culture. They also awarded John (another third of the whole that began Breeze Thru Car Wash) with an engraved glass trophy signifying Breeze Thru’s impressive milestone of washing 10 million cars! From there, John gave a touching speech about how washing cars is a way to develop people. John proceeded to also thank each “special guest,” like me, by name and their contribution to the company. This was so kind and unexpected!

Simone’s Story

From there, the event moved on to highlight one of their team members in particular – Simone. Simone told the story of how Breeze Thru Car Wash changed her life. (This story moved me to tears and I highly recommend that you watch the video). Simone’s experience opened up my perception of Breeze Thru Car Wash. Even though I had been working closely with their team for over a year, this speech gave me a much better appreciation for the team behind the Bubbleman.

Everyone Gets Something!

From there, the leadership team began showing appreciation to each of their employees. Everyone from the newest employee (who started 2 weeks before the event) all the way to the corporate employees who had been there with Janeice and John since day one were awarded bonuses and went home with some sort of swag bag. When I say everyone, I mean everyone.

Another Moving Story

While the event had wrapped up at this point, I did want to highlight another moment that opened up my perception of Breeze Thru Car Wash. I met a young man at our table named Andrew. Andrew told my husband the story of how he had moved to Cheyenne from California and how working for Breeze Thru Car Wash was the best decision he had ever made in his life. As with many young community members, times got tough for him and his girlfriend, and they ran into some circumstances that almost put them out on the streets. Andrew went to John and Janiece and confided in them about the struggles he had been faced with. John and Janiece see each employee as their own child, so it was only second nature for them to step in and help them out. Andrew and his girlfriend got back on their feet with the help of Breeze Thru Car Wash. How many of you can say that your employer would help you in that way? I am guessing not a lot of you. The best part is, that Andrew, and any Breeze Thru Car Wash employee who receives help is never expected to pay John and Janiece back. Instead, they can make contributions to the Breeze Thru Foundation Fund. This foundation fund is set aside so that each employee can help support their peers when they need a little bit of help. Who would have known? I know I didn’t.

Breeze Thru Is a Vital Piece of the Community

This leads me to my final thoughts surrounding this event and the company that is known as Breeze Thru Car Wash.

Breeze Thru Car Wash is a vital piece of the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming community. The Breeze Thru Car Wash vision statement reads “An excellently run car wash company that prepares people for the future & provides for the community.” As an outsider looking in, I can say with complete confidence that Breeze Thru Car Wash lives up to their vision.

While I know I can’t make everyone see Breeze Thru Car Wash in the same light that I do, I do hope that my takeaways from their Employee Appreciation Dinner can change the perception that some community members have of them. When you get a car wash at Breeze Thru, you are helping an organization provide for the community in which you live.