Breeze Thru Environmental Program

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Did you know that washing your car at Breeze Thru Car Wash is a perfect way to go green?

Most people don’t know that washing your car at home uses between 40 and 140 gallons of freshwater. And, the runoff full of harmful road chemicals, oils, and debris flows directly into waterways and harms wildlife.

At Breeze Thru, our car wash systems are built with the environment in mind!

When you wash at Breeze Thru we use a mix of reclaimed and fresh water to wash your vehicle, saving between 10 and 30 gallons of freshwater per wash!


How do we do it?

Through an intricate underground system, water flows into settling tanks where gravity pulls out sediment and debris. Then, the water is filtered until any solids left are only 5 microns! That is really small. A human hair is 50 microns!

Then, we inject Ozone to further clarify and kill any remaining bacteria in the water. The filtered water is pumped back up and used for high-pressure rinsing, which focuses on removing heavy dirt before the light friction cleaning and removing the heavy standing soap before the final rinse and wax application. This process helps us save 50 MILLION gallons of water each year! Now that’s breezy!

What’s more?

We use ultra-concentrated, environmentally safe chemicals packaged in 100% recyclable containers. And, our industry-leading technology saves energy with every wash.

It’s easy to go green when you wash at Breeze Thru!