Feel the Shine of Ceramic Sealant

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At Breeze Thru, we strive to present the best the automotive wash industry has to offer.

That’s why we’re bringing you a new top-tier wash package called “Premium Shine” which includes an industry-grade ceramic coating service at all 11 of our locations across Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.

The ceramic sealant we’re using – C-Force™ from Lustra Ceramic Sealant – is quite literally the newest, shiniest service on the market and we’re excited to bring showroom quality to our customers!

  • C-Force™ blends with vehicle paint to provide better protection while enhancing the gloss and keeping vehicles looking cleaner longer.
  • Upon application, C-Force™ offers an advanced seal and protection by use of a deeply penetrating foam. This advanced chemistry has been formulated to create a surface shield that is soft to the touch, hydrophobic, intensely reflective, and durable to withstand nature’s elements.
  • The infused surfactants can also be removed with a standard wash process to eliminate any build-up due to repeated applications for Wash Pass Members.

An ultra-concentrated protection product infused with ceramic technology.
It provides a superior shine and hydrophobicity. C-Force™ Ceramic promotes incredible water break with a deep penetrating, foaming application. A long-lasting fragrance has been incorporated for customer appeal in the scented version. Incredible UV protection will shield the vehicle from damaging UV light and keep the vehicle finish looking brand new. For use in all types of washes and all appropriate applications.

With Summer sunshine here – we’ve got a shiny special to match:

Drive over to one of our locations to find your local Breeze Thru at breezethrucarwash.com/locations.


We’ll see you at the wash!